GPS Tracking 

Vehicle locations and driven routes can be monitored on Google Maps in real time. Information on all driven routes and vehicle speeds are stored in the system in addition to the history data. LogiApp can also show the location of the entire fleet in real time at a single glance. Obtaining reports for travel invoices is easy.

LogiApp offers two solutions for vehicle tracking devices: 

  1. Android mobile application
    • driver’s mobile application saves the locations and routes by using the GPS sensor in the Android phone or tablet
    • fully functional and affordable solution
  2. Aplicom tracking device
    • fixed installation on vehicles or using the cigarette lighter power outlet
    • very accurate and reliable tracking

Remote Download Service of Digital Tachographs 

The Aplicom telematic device also enables the remote download of the vehicle’s digital tachograph. In order to allow this, the Aplicom device is connected to the digital tachograph and the device automatically reads the tachograph and uploads its files into LogiApp server.

The tacho files are archived in the LogiApp server and they are easily downloadable via a web browser. 

The remote download of digital tachographs facilitates the operations of a transport company in many ways. The traditional way of archiving files is to copy the files to an USB flash drive from the vehicle and then again from the USB flash drive to an office computer. However, if the vehicles are constantly on the road and often abroad, then access to the vehicle can be very difficult to facilitate. In any case, the remote download service saves time even if the vehicles visit the depot only occasionally.

Vehicle FMS-interface data 

The Aplicom telematics device can be connected to the FMS-interface of the vehicle enabling the use of vehicle data. The FMS-interface reports fuel consumption, vehicle distance, accelerator pedal position, engine speed and axle weights, for example.

Information gathered from the FMS-interface is used by the LogiApp Fleet Management application.

Temperature Monitoring 

The Aplicom device also enables cold-chain temperature monitoring the cargo bays of vehicles or trailers. The device sends the monitoring data to the LogiApp server and detailed reports can be viewed at the office. The driver can also check the temperatures by using the LogiApp mobile application.


Geographic boundaries can be defined by using a map. LogiApp can provide reports about the time and driven kilometres inside predefined areas. This feature has been used, for example, in monitoring snow plough vehicles and creating reports for invoicing.

Alcohol Interlock –integration 

The Aplicom telematics device supplied by LogiApp can be connected to a vehicle’s Alcohol Interlock. This integration enables real-time information about incidents that require a response from work management.

Automatic Driving Log 

An Aplicom device can also be equipped with a switch with three buttons for selecting the type of driving for each journey, for example work or leisure. LogiApp will create an automatic driving log where all the journeys of a vehicle are reported by the journey type. The report will contain the start time and location, destination time and location, and the distance driven for each journey.

Telematics for Harsh Environments 

Aplicom devices can be delivered in IP67-level enclosures that protect against dust and water, which allows exterior mounting outside the vehicle or trailer. The device can have a battery of up to 4000mAh and it can function up to several weeks without an external power supply.

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